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Dr. Neda Amani, MD Founder and CEO

Dr. Neda Amani is on the vanguard of preventive health. Her mission is to transform healthcare – to advance health and healing through writing, speaking, spiritual connectedness, and the arts.


Dr. Amani practiced medicine for twenty-two years before retiring from medicine to become a full-time speaker and educator. While practicing, she rose to the very top of her profession by revolutionizing the way people think about and practice medicine. She is the Founder and President of The Real You, a one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary healthcare program that has transformed the field of integrative medicine. In February 2011, after practicing family medicine in Toronto and Ottawa for nearly eleven years, Dr. Amani decided to dedicate her professional practice to The Real You, working with the Ottawa Police and 100 of their members in the Real You OPS Wellness Pilot Program. The Real You OPS Wellness Pilot provided Dr. Amani with the unique opportunity to provide holistic health care support, education, and coaching to people with the support of a multidisciplinary team, at minimal to no cost to participants. Since its inception, over 800 leaders, officers and civilian members of the OPS have been through the program with high success rates, transforming her clients' health, lifestyles and outlook on life.

Her approach marries both modern medical and ancient health care practices, treating the patient as a whole person. She treats physical and mental health as one connected entity. She looks at lifestyle, cultural and family connections to symptoms. Her work optimizes the body and mind’s natural ability to heal itself. The results are transformative -- for the patient and the health care profession. More than just a doctor, she guides her patients onto a path of robust health. And she has determined that the best way forward is a team approach, harnessing the expertise of medical doctors, naturopaths, psychologists, registered dieticians, physiotherapists, massage therapists and yoga instructors into a full health care solution. This team approach was the genesis of the Real You Program.

Dr. Amani has been able to sustain both national and international acclaim by drawing on her diverse technical background. She is able to permanently improve the lives of the individuals she treats. She is more than just a physician. She is more than just an Integrative Medicine Expert. Dr. Amani is an industry leader, and her groundbreaking work is revolutionizing the way people think about healthcare. She has had tremendous success in many sectors, including banking, healthcare, and business. In 2021, Dr. Amani relocated to Texas where she has embarked upon a mission to fulfill her life purpose – to transform healthcare -- training leaders to be more impactful by transforming their own health and lifestyle. She has been a public presenter around the world, and is actively engaging with healthcare, business, and spiritual leaders worldwide in order to complete her mission.


With a passion for health and helping people achieve their full potential, and with her enthusiastic and effective approach, Dr. Amani has successfully helped thousands of individuals overcome their issues with physical and mental illness, improve their health and quality of life, and prevent disease using nutrition education, exercise prescription, cognitive behavioral therapy, mind-body, and integrative medicine.


Her love and human centred approach to caring for others has led her to be a sought after speaker, facilitator and guide to leaders and executives from various government organizations and private corporations where she has supported the transformation of the organization through the transformation of the individuals’ health and well being at all levels of leadership.

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