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The Real You Program

"Real health is so much more than just having a healthy resting heart rate or low body fat. Real health is body, mind, and soul in harmonious balance. It means living into your most authentic identity. It means living out your purpose. It means truly being you."

          - Dr. Neda Amani, MD

An innovative health care approach...

Founded upon the pillars of Real Health...

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Real health is holistic. Your body, mind, and soul are intrinsically connected. Imbalance in one can lead to imbalance in another. Tending to all three brings you to real health.

Super Health Food

Real health exists within you. When you give your body, mind and soul what it needs to heal, then healing happens naturally from within. Real health is your natural state. 

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Real health is evidence-based. It utilizes the tools and science of modern medicine in combination with the truths and wisdom of natural healing.

Yoga by the Ocean

Real health is simple. It’s found in food, movement, awareness and expression. It’s found in nature, connecting with people, and connecting with one's truest self.

The Real You Circle of Care

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What Sets Us Apart

Medically Led: the medical doctor is your first point of contact, providing comprehensive medical screening and ongoing medical care.

Collaborative Team: your healthcare team consists of a medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, physiotherapist, psychologist, massage therapist, and yoga instructors.

Quality Time: we take the time to listen and give attention to your needs so that we can work together to help you take best care of yourself.

Intention: we care about you and are invested in your success. Our intention is for you to live into your healthiest and truest identity.

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