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“Once people are healthy physically, this is when their mental state starts to shift. It is this mental and emotional shift that causes improvements in leadership.”

― Dr. Elizabeth Brothers, ND

The consequence of today’s social ills and never-stop lifestyle is an unhealthy global society which has forgotten, or perhaps abandoned, the notion of self-care. In order for society to right itself, the world needs effective, engaged leadership. And the most successful leaders are those who are healthy, physically and mentally.

A healthy mind and body contribute to elevated brain function, sustained energy output, and physical and mental resilience – important attributes for any leader. However, leaders are especially vulnerable to health risks such as high stress. Often, individuals in leadership positions put others first and sacrifice their own well-being in the process. Unmanaged stress, which can lead to poor eating and sleeping habits, sedentary behaviours, and erratic moods, can negatively impact a person’s health, but also their leadership abilities.

In The Real You, we work with you to improve your physical health – through medical screenings and tests, as well as education on proper eating habits and exercise prescription – but also your mental and emotional wellness, through the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is about focusing on the present moment and becoming aware of our thoughts, emotions, and body sensations. When practicing mindfulness, we accept what we are experiencing without judging it as something good or bad. This can help us feel calmer and cope better with stress. The Real You health team incorporates mindfulness into every aspect of our program.

Organizational Impacts

With The Real You Program, you get results that will positively impact your business. The Real You has been proud to partner with the Ottawa Police Services since 2007. As reported by employees of the Ottawa Police Service who have completed our program:

  • 90% believe the program is contributing to a healthier workforce

  • 50% describe improved working relationships and reduction in workplace conflict

  • 20% state a reduction in sick days used

  • 60% reported increased engagement, productivity, and reduced absenteeism

  • 90% note a continued need for The Real You Program™ for OPS members who haven’t participated


Now the Real You is expanding our reach, creating new corporate and government partnerships in our healthcare movement.


Is your company interested in joining the Real You? A team member would be happy to discuss how the Real You Program can help your organization.

A healthy team makes for a healthy business.

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Wellness programs such as The Real You lead to a more engaged, productive workforce, which in the end leads to a more profitable company. 

Progressive employers understand that an investment in the health of their employees is great for business. Currently, one in five Canadian adults is living with at least one chronic disease. These long-term, often slow-progressing conditions have negative effects on workplace productivity and insurance benefit costs. The Public Health Agency of Canada estimates that chronic disease costs the Canadian economy $190 billion annually, $68 billion of which is attributed to treatment and $122 million to lost productivity.

Health and wellness programs are shown to reduce absenteeism, improve staff morale, and reduce health plan costs. Many employers consistently underestimate the presence and, therefore, the cost of chronic disease in the workplace. But in fact, a healthy staff is key to an organization’s success.