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Amani Health is a place where you find yourself.

You are at your most unhealthy when you are removed from your authentic identity. The further away you stray from yourself, the unhealthier you become. Your soul becomes stuck in a constant state of distress. This internal battle leads to self medication - shopping, food, alcohol, drugs, the list goes on - because you become addicted to that false sense of comfort.


What we're all really searching for is ourselves.

We live our lives in pursuit of our truest and deepest identity.


Sickness and disease are just symptoms. They can be treated as we begin to centre ourselves, find balance, and become our authentic selves.


When we listen to what our body, mind and soul are telling us, health is the result.


Real health is your natural state. Your natural state is your real identity.

Here at Amani Health we help you reach your natural state of real health.

We combine medical knowledge, lifestyle approaches (nutrition, exercise, mindset training, meditation) and spirituality to help you discover who you truly are and help you live into that identity.


Our health care system currently focuses on being reactive - treating symptoms, often with medication, when they arise. Amani Health takes a preventative approach, before any health concerns arise. We prescribe fundamental truths that empower you to live into your most authentic identity. We allow you to take ownership over your own health.


The truths that we share and the tools we provide are natural and simple. You can understand your health. You can understand yourself. Understanding who you are is the only way to discover who you were meant to be.

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