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Our Story

The Real You was founded in 2003 by Dr. Neda Amani, a family physician.

Soon after opening her medical clinic in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Dr. Neda Amani realized that most of her patients’ conditions were treatable and preventable with lifestyle changes. After conducting a self-funded pilot study in her family practice offering a 10-week exercise prescription program and seeing the positive impact on her patient’s health, attitudes, mood, and overall sense of well being, Dr. Amani became committed to providing this intervention in a comprehensive and collaborative way to her patients.

Dr. Amani challenged herself to create a program that could teach patients how to eat better and exercise effectively, using the resources of the current healthcare system. She brought together health professionals to create a multidisciplinary team that was accessible to everyone. After extensive research on the role of exercise and diet in disease prevention, she developed the Real You Program, launched initially as a pilot at her Toronto clinic.

The goal of the Real You Program is to help members diagnose unknown conditions, prevent illness, improve their overall health, and treat various medical conditions in conjunction with routine medical treatment options. It may sound like common sense but, in fact, it’s a healthcare revolution.

“Health is required for us to realize our individual and collective potential. “– Neda Amani, MD

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