Amani Health ushers in a new era in healthcare 

At Amani Health, you will find a team of caring healthcare professionals that are specially trained in disease prevention and health promotion.  Each team member is selected based on their integrity, skillfulness in their field, their dedication to health promotion, and their compassion for patients.  Presently, the team consists of medical doctors, physiotherapist fitness trainers, psychologists, naturopathic doctors, massage therapists, yoga instructors, program coordinators, and administrative staff.

What we stand for


A world where Real Health runs the world

We envision a world where real health is just health. A world where people and societies understand the simple truth that health encompasses all aspects of our human experience. The healthcare industry would undergo a seismic shift, away from profits and prescriptions towards connection and compassion. As more people begin to live into their healthiest and most authentic identities, they will begin to create shockwaves of impact and love and fulfillment, inspiring and guiding even more people towards finding their real health. This feedback loop would simply keep growing and growing until one day, we would realize: real health runs the world.



Prescribe the simple truth for Real Health

Most doctors prescribe pills to relieve pain, kill bacteria, or clear up acne. Amani Health prescribes fundamental truths that empower you to live into your most authentic identity. Every one of us has a unique personal health situation. That’s why connection is at the core of our process. Understanding who you are is the only way to discover who you were meant to be.We allow you to take ownership over your own health. The truths that we share and the tools we provide are natural and simple. You can understand your health.