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A New Era In HealthCare 

Amani Health is the cornerstone to a new era in healthcare. Our philosophy and commitment is to care for you as a whole person, investigating ways to assist you to achieve a healthy and balanced life in mind, body and soul.


We envision a world where real health is just health. A world where people and societies understand the simple truth that health encompasses all aspects of our human experience.


The healthcare industry would undergo a seismic shift, away from profits and prescriptions towards connection and compassion. As more people begin to live into their healthiest and most authentic identities, they will begin to create shockwaves of impact and love and fulfilment, inspiring and guiding even more people towards finding their real health. This feedback loop would simply keep growing and growing until one day, we would realize: real health runs the world.

Here at Amani Health, we aspire to: 

Journey with people towards living into their truest identity.

We are guides on the path towards real health. The real you is the healthiest you. By helping people heal mind, body, and soul, we give them the freedom to be their authentic selves. We empower people to reach their highest potential. 


Create a world where 'real health' becomes just 'health'.

We want to share the truth about real health with the world. Society's perception of health is limited and harmful - it doesn't consider the entire person. Healthcare perspectives and systems need to be drastically changed. We take on that responsibility.


Help create conscious communities focused on real health.

By guiding people towards real health, we are slowly guiding entire communities towards health and peace. People living into their identity are leaders and advocates. They are comfortable in their identity. If we can help create enough really healthy people, they will be the catalyst behind real systemic changes, creating communities that are consciously designed to help all people find their version of real health. 


Form genuine relationships with people in order to understand their truth.

Guiding people towards real health requires compassion. We must understand who you are on a deep level in order to know both who you really are and how you can become that most authentic version of you. This requires time and empathy, and we are committed to providing both.


Remind people that health is simple.

In general, we know what things are good for our health and what things are bad. Synthetic food leaves us empty and lethargic; fruits, vegetables, and nuts are fulfilling energy boosters. Expressing yourself is liberating; repressing yourself is limiting. All we prescribe is the simple truth - real health is found in being your most authentic self, not at the bottom of a bottle of pills. Living healthy isn't always easy - it requires discipline and commitment - but it's usually more simple than we're often told.
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