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Dr. Neda Amani
Founder and CEO


Dr. Neda Amani is on the vanguard of preventive health care.

Her preventive medicine approach has proven highly effective within the most stressful environments and with the most challenging of clientele – immigrant women and first responders. Her approach marries both modern medical and ancient health care practices, treating the patient as a whole person. She treats physical and mental health as one connected entity. She looks at lifestyle, cultural and family connections to symptoms. Her work optimizes the body and mind’s natural ability to heal itself. The results are transformative -- for the patient and the health care profession.

More than just a doctor, she guides her patients onto a path of robust health. And she has determined that the best way forward is a team approach, harnessing the expertise of medical doctors, psychologists, registered dieticians, physiotherapists, massage therapists and yoga instructors into a full health care solution. This team approach was the genus of the Real You Program which she launched within the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) in 2006. Since its inception, over 800 leaders, officers and civilian members of the OPS have been through the program with high success rates, transforming her clients' health, lifestyles and outlook on life.

Building on the success of her work with the OPS, Dr. Amani recently opened the Amani Health Centre in Ottawa, Canada where she is now offering a full range of health services to first responder and public safety organizations, corporations, government departments, as well as to individual patients seeking peak performance. A special focus is given to healing the leadership of large organizations. When leaders are healthy, they become the catalyst for quick change within their organizations and communities.

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