Dr. Neda Amani

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Dr. Neda Amani has been practicing medicine for almost twenty years and is a graduate of the University Of Toronto School of Medicine. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) as a Morehead Scholar.

In February 2011, after practicing family medicine for nearly 11 years, Dr. Amani decided to dedicate her professional practice to the Real You working with the Ottawa Police. The Real You OPS Wellness Program provided Dr. Amani with the unique opportunity she had been seeking for her entire career: to provide holistic health care support, education, and coaching to people with the support of a multidisciplinary team, at minimal to no cost to participants.  

Dr. Amani has been a torchbearer for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay, having been selected one of 20 physicians from among 600 Canadian physicians nominated by their colleagues based on her ongoing professional efforts to motivate and help others to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

She was also the Ontario Champion for Physical Activity Promotion as a member of Doctors Promoting Active Living (DPAL) program, a project initiated by the College of Family Physicians of Canada that challenged doctors to take a leadership role in promoting physical activity in their communities in order to foster improved health and wellness outcomes.

Dr. Amani has been a regular speaker and presenter on obesity, physical activity, nutrition, healthy aging, and chronic disease treatment and prevention through lifestyle change and has been a speaker on the importance of exercise in cancer prevention at Canadian Cancer Society events. She has been a medical consultant to the fitness industry, a contributor to Fitness Business Canada magazine, has been interviewed by 20/20 and ABC News, and has appeared on CBC national news, CTV, and City-TV. Dr. Neda has received numerous awards and recognitions of excellence and contribution in medicine and for her leadership, compassion, and humanitarian qualities.

Dr. Amani believes that preventive medicine is the best medicine. With a passion for health and helping people achieve their full potential, and her enthusiastic and effective approach, Dr. Amani has successfully helped thousands of individuals overcome their issues with physical and mental illness, improve their health and quality of life, and prevent disease using nutrition education, exercise prescription, cognitive behavioral therapy, mind-body and integrative medicine.