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Case Stories and Outcomes

As reported by the over 800 participants who have completed our program:

  • 89% eat healthier foods

  • 74% feel stronger

  • 77% have more energy

  • 69% lose weight

  • 65% are better able to manage stress

  • 54% sleep better

  • 51% have greater self-confidence

  • 47% feel less pain

  • 39% have lower blood pressure

  • 41% drink less alcohol


Joe's Story

“Since starting the program, my relationship with my wife and family has changed for the better...I feel better, I eat better, and more than that I WANT to eat better and exercise.  And I’m much more in touch with daily relaxation and focusing on personal and family growth as priorities as opposed to work.  But having said this, I have as a result become a better and more productive employee.  In addition, my psoriasis, considered moderate by my doctor, has been reduced significantly through less stress to a very manageable level.”

                                       - Past Participant

Chris' Story

“Amazing program. I feel so privileged to have participated. My overall person has improved though nutritional help and fitness direction and push. The Dr.’s appts allowed my thyroid issue to be addressed which gave me back my energy level, my happiness. Every part of the program offers all positive help to self improve. The appreciation of the program is on-going…the appreciation of the attention to my personal health and overall well being by such dedicated and impressive personnel leaves me speechless."   

                                                                                                                        - Past Participant

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