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The Dr. Ned Show explores a range of topics all related to health, spirituality, transformation, love, compassion and joy. Through our conversations, we’ll explore how to transform your health, and connect with your truest self.

You can find The Dr Ned Show on Youtube, Google Podcast, iTunes or Spotify.

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IG: @thedrnedshow

twitter: @nedaamani 


The Dr. Ned Show connects people to their innate power, healing ability and potential through  conversations with empowering individuals living their truth. 


We catalyze and inspire greater health, joy, peace and self-realization through soul conversations, artistic inspirations and entertaining health education.  

Empowering you to connect with your Health
Human Potential

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A Soul Awakening

The Dr. Ned Show inspires individual awakening in service of raising our collective vibration and consciousness.


Let's rise. Together we change the world.

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