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Yoga Essentials for First Responders

Workshop Overview and Class Structure

This educational series of classes provides an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of yoga while also being geared toward the unique physical and mental occupational challenges of first responders.  Our small group setting allows for a relaxed space to understand how breath, awareness, and mindful movement contribute to on the job performance, stress reduction, and prevention of chronic diseases. 


Each 50-minute class will be a mixture of lecture and practice based on a particular theme or concept related to yoga and mindfulness.  Questions and discussion encouraged!

What you will practice:

  • Different styles of yoga

  • Movements to prevent injury, relieve stress, and reduce risk of chronic disease

  • Different breathing and grounding exercises

  • Mindful movement

  • Non-judgment and acceptance

  • Easy-to-use resources to help with stress management, focus and clarity, and overall health and fitness


What you will learn:

  • The core elements of a yoga practice; breath, awareness, mindful movement

  • The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of different yoga postures

  • Effects of yoga on physical wellness and mental resilience

  • What to look for in a good yoga instructor

  • How to choose a class that is right for you


Who should take this class?

This workshop series is open to all first responders (police, paramedic and fire fighters)  and first-line health professionals (nurses, doctors and hospital administrative staff) and is specifically geared toward the physical and mental demands of this professional sphere.  All levels of experience are welcome; it may serve as an intro to yoga or as a way to deepen your current practice. 

This workshop series is a prerequisite to other workshops offered at Amani Health as we believe it will enhance your overall experience to any practice you choose to follow.


To register:

Please email or call us 613-714-1162

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