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Thank you for considering The Real You™ Program. 


In an effort to prepare you to make a REAL change in your health, we want to provide you with a transparent overview of what the program would require from you. Below are the various stages of the program. 


Stage 1:  Meet and Greet. 

Here is an opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with our doctors. As we will be embarking on this journey with you. We feel it is essential that me face-to-face. 


Stage 2: Comprehensive Health Assessment

The most important and time-intensive stage of your program, as we formulate a baseline looking at all aspects of your health and

well being and design a customized plan moving forward.


Stage 3: Intake 

Spend on
















One-on-One with assessment with our doctors provide a quality of care that will



Application form completed and submitted


Step 1:

Screening process/Meet and greet

  • To be done by Elizabeth and/or Neda and/or Marie-Eve – 15 min

  • Scheduled, once a month, in person

  • Goal/purpose: to determine whether a good candidate for the program, limit follow-up intake time and make follow-up appointment more effective and efficient


Step 2:

Confirm participation and deposit payment

Registration forms

  • PAD agreement

  • Participation agreement and liability waiver

  • No-show and a late cancellation agreement

“Binder” of program information


Step 3:

Comprehensive Health Questionnaire

  • Scheduled call, 30 minutes


Step 4:

Intake forms

  • Health quiz

  • PHQ-9 and GAD-7 (mental health questionnaires)

  • PAR-Q (physical activity questionnaire)

  • Physiotherapy consent

  • Naturopath consent

  • Consent to release medical records to the family doctor

  • Consent to use of personal information for research


Step 5:

Medical intake and assessment (1-3 sessions)

Blood work and abdominal ultrasound requisitions are given

* Additional referrals to outside specialists might be given as well


Steps 1-5 could take 4 weeks to complete


Step 6:

Scheduling assessments in nutrition, physiotherapy/fitness, psychology

Blood work completed and results received


Step 7:

Follow-up appointments (post-assessments) in medical, nutrition, physiotherapy/fitness, psychology


Steps 6-7 could take 4 weeks to complete

Positive points:

  • Multiple touch points

  • Collaboration between health practitioners

  • A comprehensive assessment like no other

  • A defined plan moving forward


Step 8:

Ongoing appointments with practitioners (over 4 months)


Suggested improvement:

  • Program follow-up strategy/patient retention strategy – program coordinator or text messaging or etc.?

Schedule a Discovery Session

Thanks for submitting! A team member will be in touch within 1-2 business days to schedule your discovery session.

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