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For more information about The Real You Program for OPS family members,

please contact Linda at 613-236-1222 ext. 4335 or

Are you an OPS employee or a family member of an OPS employee who is

interested in signing up for the Real You Program?

Already a member of the Real You Program?


In 2006, Dr. Neda Amani was approached by the Chief of Ottawa Police Service (OPS) to create innovative wellness programming for members of the OPS through the Real You Program. In the years since, we have worked with over 800 OPS officers and civilians to deliver an impactful, comprehensive wellness program, while addressing the unique needs and challenges of first responders.

The Real You Program has paved the way for the Ottawa Police Service to be nationally and internationally recognized as a leader and visionary in providing preventive and comprehensive wellness programming to its members. From 2013 to 2015, the OPS conducted an independent, external evaluation of the impact the Real You Program had in its work with the OPS between 2011 and 2014. Findings showed that the Program helped the OPS reduce absenteeism, sick days, and workplace conflict. Our proactive approach to healthcare saves lives and money!

Police Car

The Real You values life-long relationships. Our work with the Ottawa Police Service helps their members be stronger, healthier, and happier individuals. Our team has developed an expertise and knowledge in addressing the unique challenges of all first responders, as well as a genuine appreciation for the challenges our first responders face daily.

We are committed to bringing our approach to healthcare to as many first responders as possible because they have committed their lives to caring for us and  our communities.

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