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Erin Whyte

Erin Whyte.jpg

Erin has been practicing massage therapy for over fourteen years and continues to be passionate about the healing effects of touch on our physical and emotional states of being.  Her unique approach to the mind-body connection helps individuals foster a relationship with their body that empowers them to listen and respond to the messages that help guide them through life. 

She has a particular interest in helping people with trauma histories to reintroduce safe touch into their lives.  She passionately believes that human touch is an integral part of our human experience that it is key in connecting not only with others but, more importantly, with ourselves.


Over the years Erin has continued her education with courses involving treatment to specific areas of the body to help with musculoskeletal issues, Craniosacral Therapy, trauma workshops, and Mindful Awareness Body-Oriented Therapy.  She has been a supervisor at Algonquin College, sat on the Board of Directors of her professional association, and remains involved in local professional-based meetings.  Her dedication to her profession was recognized by Registered Massage Therapy Association of Ontario in 2013 when she was awarded RMT of the Year.

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