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We are a health care team that works with people

who want to take charge of their own health.

Dr. Neda Amani MD, President & Founder

On the Amani Health Philosophy

The Real You Program, brought to you by Amani Health, is a unique, multidisciplinary, and comprehensive approach to providing treatment, preventive care, and health promotion through lifestyle education and coaching.

Our journey began almost 20 years ago, when the first incarnation of the Real You Program was introduced to the public at a Toronto health clinic. In 2007, the Ottawa Police Service selected the Real You to provide health and wellness programming to its members - a partnership that continues to grow each year. Now, we are opening our program to all.


This eight-month program is led by medical doctors, along with an extensive multidisciplinary healthcare team of naturopathic doctors, physiotherapist fitness trainers, and psychologists who have been selected and trained in the Real You philosophy and curriculum. By listening, educating, and empowering our participants, they learn to live a healthier, more active life.

To read more about our work with the Ottawa Police, please click here

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